The Laffoons are real people with real lives walking through a real marriage.   They like to call themselves “marriage edu-tainers”, combining education with entertainment.  And the Laffoons put their real marriage of over 30 years on display.

“You probably stood at the altar like we did; hearts and minds filled with giddy expectation of the journey ahead.  But too often that romantic Street Car Named Desire gets derailed by the big Locomotive Named Reality” explains Jay and Laura. “Yet we’re convinced that creating and regularly celebrating a thriving marriage reaches beyond a husband and wife to positively impact three critical arenas in our culture; our homes, churches, and our local communities.  We’re determined to be a part of that impact.”

The Laffoons fearlessly share their own experiences as they unravel what they’ve learned about the mysteries of intimate relationships, believing that all married couples share the same struggles and joys along the journey!  Their humorous and entertaining transparency offers couples permission to laugh with each other and courage to continue growing a future together.

After meeting on a blind date in 1984, their brief courtship has since transformed into a daily marital celebration. Having ministered together in Youth for Christ for 15 years, along with interviewing thousands of couples, they’ve gained tremendous insight into marriage and family issues.  Now they’ve been presenting comedy infused marriage events for more than 20 years!

Growing up in Petoskey MI, Jay, holds degrees in Biblical Literature and Music. Laura grew up in Atlanta Georgia (home of their famous blind date) and holds a degree in Social Ministries.

Both Jay and Laura previously served on staff at Youth for Christ, and recently served on staff at Mt Pleasant Community Church, coordinating their Marriage and Family care ministry.  They are part of an exclusive group of certified instructors for Dynamic Communications International.

Together, Jay and Laura have written numerous books. They currently live in Michigan. They have two children: daughter, Grace and son, Torrey who is married to Shana, a wonderful addition to the family. Jay & Laura founded Celebrate Ministries, Inc. in 1995.