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Together Tenore unleashes a glorious sound that breaks down musical barriers, draws together diverse cultures, and celebrates a repertoire of lyrical sweetness and dramatic strength. They enjoy a very special chemistry with each other and their enthusiastic audiences.  

Tenore combines the stunning vocal talents of Mark David Williams, David Wise and Jason Catron. The award winning team of producer/arranger Kent Hooper and Phillip Keveren, the Prague National Symphony..., several seasoned Nashville studio musicians, and the vision of Jill Ann Siemens, Founder of world renowned, multi-platinum selling artists, The Canadian Tenors, have joined together to create a stunning debut album. This was followed by a recent Christmas album, entitled “Christmas with You”, featuring the Grammy award winning vocal pop star, Heather Headley on the title track. Destined to become a favorite, this Christmas album contains the best of tenor classics and pop music. Nominated in 11 categories with the GMA, Tenore has walked away with 4 awards.

Tenore has criss-crossed the globe from Kampala to California, and along with live TV and award recognition, have garnered an impressive, and loyal fan base. Since their sold out debut tour, they have performed in more than 200 concerts for hundreds of thousands of eager, excited fans.


Tenore will blow you away from the first listen, yet addict you like a great Bocelli Record. Brett Manning - world renowned vocal coach and Founding of Singing Success.

World class musicians! Ruth Graham, daughter of Billy Graham

Tenore is excellent, accomplished, committed and perform with class. Ron Clark, Director & Producer, Willingdon Church


  • 2014 - GMA Covenent Award Winner - Seasonal Album of the Year
  • 2011 - GMA Covenent Award Winner - Traditional/Classical Album of the Year
  • 2011 - GMA Covenent Award Winner - Blessings Fan Choice of the Year
  • 2011 - GMA Covenent Award Winner - Traditional/Classical Song of the Year


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