Thank you for considering our exceptional roster of Christian performing artists.  We at JRA Faith Events are proud to be representing some of the best-loved Christian musicians and finest theatrical productions in the world.

Collectively as a booking team, we represent more than 75 years of booking Christian ministries and entertainment, from arena headliners to worship services to church suppers.  You can have confidence in our ability to work with you; within your budgetary constraints, your commitment to artistic integrity, and your church community’s need for variety in expressions of worship.  We are looking to build a long-term relationship with you and your organization and to still be filling your worship arts needs years from now.

We share your passion for Christian artistry and look forward to partnering in ministry.

Jeff Roberts, President
Marc Whitmore, General Manager
Tyler Lewis, Artist Representative
Bill Marquardt, Artist Representative
Teddy Pagano, Artist Representative
Mike Roberts, Artist Representative
Meg Ellisor, Theatrical Artist Representative
Melissa Miller, Office Administration
Rhonda Hunt, Contract Administration
Skye Griggs, Bookkeeper